August 07, 2003 thrusday - 23:54

the guy comes over to the girl, pats her on the shoulder.

"sorry to keep you waiting." the girl nods, says it's okay. the guy looks around.

"i wonder what all these people are waiting for. it's so late and there are so many of them around."

we are all waiting. waiting to find happiness, meaning. something - anything - in life.

step out of life for a moment and reflect. sit, and watch the people go by as you would but that you are still. they are you are them. who are they? who are you? what are you doing?

we look for happiness in clothes, in love, in comfort, in money, in jobs, in God, in cars, in food, in posessions. each every one of us, all searching for happiness. for somewhere to belong. a reason to be.

where is this happiness? where can i find it?

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