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June 28, 2014 saturday - 00:37

sleep is a lover, and the enemy;
i lie in bed, awake, eyes shut against the hours, as sleep hovers somewhere above my head and refuses to descend. but when it comes, it washes over me, and doesn't leave. through the night, and the morning, and into the soft afternoon, it laps at me like a tide, dragging me down.

it is the place i go to to escape. i sink into the darkness, i slip beneath the waves. i fear the nightmares that ride on the wind and rain. i dream, i love, i fly, and run, and scream, and cry, and fight. i live, truly, when my life in the daylight hours is wan and only a shadow.

i dream, in the only place that dreams come true. i am a princess, a bride, a queen. i meet friends i will never see again. i am loved.

in life, i am broken, sad, and tired. let me sleep, and even if i do not dream, at least the hours slip past without sorrow.

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