behind tallness and shortness

November 26, 2003 Wednesday - 22:47 hrs

see the words of all these people i know and do not know, all wrapped in the fingers of so much pain. every one of them suffering - exams, loves, deadlines, family, heartaches. every one of the filled with hope - of success, grades, beauty, romance..

these patterns, tendrils of lives connecting and touching, one with another, passing by, in a forever dance; here a curtsey, there a bow, and then slip twirling into the flitting shadows.. whispering, 'do you remember?' and 'do you know?'

we all remember, and we all know. and still we dance, masked in the masquerade, pertending not to see. passing by one another, recognition dying before it arises. spin and twirl, the music is forever, the music is ephemeral, transient and fragile, and the violins will wind down and the piano be stilled. and one day we take off our masks - for now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face.

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