what she said

September 05, 2007 wednesday - 01:12

time is the enemy. back then, i wrote about being in the interstices of time, of waiting, and being impatient for things to happen.

if only i had known what would happen. i wouldn't have been so impatient. and i wish i could go back.

and i read what she wrote and it is like a string around my heart.

to have had someone, something, to have believed and trusted and given and opened yourself, vulnerable and helpless, and then lost everything.
to have a part of your life torn from you without your consent, to have this sudden void in your soul.
to fill your time with empty activities because you cannot do anything else.
to have to try to keep the tears from falling.
to feel your memories suffocating you, and they seem so real that you cannot imagine how they are separated from reality only by the impassible invisible wall of a hostile stare.

and yet she offers hope.
that one day, a day which may come sooner than expected, it will be over.


is it you, or is it me?

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