moving on

October 15, 2013 tuesday - 01:23

my mind is anchored in a time when we were all together. long nights, bright days, sparkling waters, shining lights, thumping music. the sharp taste of vodka, the grimy leather of ktv sofas, learning new languages. after everything before ended, before everything after began.

we've moved on, i've moved on, but i've not. it feels like yesterday, like i can almost reach back and remember with absolute clarity what happened on this night or that. like nothing at all, including me, has changed.

but of course everything has changed. and in that space of yesterday, i have started a new job and ended it. those long years, the slog, the learning and the growth - why does it seem so long when the period before seems not so far away?

things change, but they don't. i have run so far but find that all this while, perhaps, i have just been standing still.

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