may they shade you from me

February 18, 2004 thursday - 18:54

You know everything that I'm afraid of
You do everything I wish I did
Everybody wants you,everybody loves you
I know I should tell you how I feel
I wish everyone will disappear
Everytime you call me,I'm too scared to be me
And I'm too shy to say.

Ooh,I got a crush on you
I hope you feel the way that I do
I get a rush when I'm with you
Ooh,I got a crush on you. A crush on you.

You know I'm the one that you can talk to
Sometimes you tell me things that I don't want to know
I just want to hold you
You say exactly how you feel about her
I wonder could you ever think of me that way

- mandy moore, crush


Take a day plant some trees
May they shade you from me

- smashing pumpkins, blank page

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