September 12, 2007 wednesday - 13:11

to the first: don't be so obvious about it.
and don't be afraid.


i wonder what we do. we create elaborate rituals that approximate dating - excrutiating hours filled with us, and other people, and a chill that blows on our tingling skin, and words and looks we just shy away from making.

why do we put ourselves through this? we are like twin moons around a hostile planet, and, held inescapably by the pull of unseen gravity, we swing around each other, unable to meet but unable to part. and in the darkness of the heavens, we circle warily, almost not-quite drawn to each other.

we take turns to be illuminated by the sun, reflecting the brilliance of the star from which we were birthed, but when you are bright i am dark, and when you dull i shine again. and so we go round, and round, and round.

this spiral leads down into death, and what if the skies collapse and we are thrown together? what then?

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