dissolvant a vernis

April 15, 2006 saturday - 16:56

i scrub at my nails, lifting the layers of polish off one after another. this manicure that i got for our last night together, it comes off so slowly, and i rub and rub at my nails.

we pretended this was but one of those nights, but i think we both knew the whole time.. that would be it. that this was meant to be closure. that this was not meant to be a forever time, and the end of forever was here.

i can't remember your face anymore, but everyone reminds me of you. where i will return, there will be nothing to jolt me this way, no flash of blonde out of the corner of my eye, no lanky body i know so well now. and then i will forget, and maybe it is a good thing.

the topcoat, the pink, the white, the basecoat. each layer a reminder, each finger a memory. slowly i scrub at it, and slowly they wash off, falling into the sluice of solvent, disappearing forever.

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