serial experiments lain

August 28, 2001 Tuesday - 00:54

i don't know, you know, what i feel. i'm glad for you, honestly i am, and i hope you will be happy.

but why must you, in the course of caring so much for someone else, care not for me? i'm not even asking you to spend time with me. i just wish you would bother. to pick up the signals i'm sending you, to look at me and not him once in a while.

perhaps it's partly my fault, i've been trying to let you be with him more and maybe you think i don't want to be with you anymore. so i can't blame you, not completely.

but don't you even care? don't you know even the smallest bit of what i'm going through? there are things you can notice if you choose to. do you?

what do you want me to do now? i've given you so much, and you've given me so much, and i don't want this friendship to end because of something else more beautiful than we could ever be. i don't want to confront you about it.

you are really lucky, and you don't know it. most times when i see you two together i am disgusted. but sometimes, the little things i notice about the two of you make me think.. and i envy you for what you have. like your confidence in each other.

it's right, isn't it, that you spend time with him? give a choice, me or him, you should choose him. so if he is around, why should i be, too, right? you say it's okay. but when it is the three of us... you ignore me. so what am i to think? is it okay... or not?

i guess i'll just be waiting for you to come back to me, if you ever will.

if you need me, i'll be here.


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