some things you don't forget

September 15, 2013 sunday - 02:06

it's funny how we like to keep things to remind us of what we would never have forgotten anyway. these build up, the detritus of life:

- my call papers from 2007, ostensibly filed by my pupil master
- the (french) notes from my civil law obligations class on exchange, dutifully highlighted and annotated
- the newspaper advertisement of the very first takeover i worked on
- the russian visa stuck in my passport
- the "priority" baggage tags from SQ and Qatar
- maps of foreign cities, left in forgotten places in my suitcases
- train tickets, metro passes, airline stubs to places like paris, oslo, barcelona
- a song that always brings me back to you
- notes for the JLPT 2 that i never took

it's hard to leave a place you've known for a long time, people you care about. it's hard to move on. but now, i know, this is the right thing to do. i believe it.

i must.

if i look back i am lost.

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