in your world. i have no meaning

February 15, 2002 Friday - 22:45

do you know

what it is like to be depressed?
what it is like to hate yourself?

cannot speak of the pain.

overflowing with tears
into emptiness

give up everything you have
for what you cannot be

and beneath the superficial
lies a secret code
that only those who from it suffer
can understand

hide your secrets
consume them one by one
because there is nothing else
you can eat

whisper your unheard agony
into the dryness of hunger
and nobody hears

you’re alone
an island
in an ocean full of islands

so many
and nobody

nobody cares
you’re confused

everything means nothing
and nothing means everything

everything to you
what is everything to you?

eat your secrets, one by one
until you are nothing left.

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