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June 20, 2003 friday - 23:33

here's one way to eat less:
every time you eat something, wash your mouth with saline water (.. salt dissolved in water) it tastes so gross and is so troublesome, you don't want to eat.

that's what i've been doing. i just had my wisdom tooth extracted, and this is supposed to reduce postoperative bleeding and keep the sutures clean.

i am sick of eating porridge, yoghurt and mashed potatoes. i have so many strange cravings it's like i'm pregnant.

and i'm hungry too.

i feel sorry for my dentist. it must be quite a sucky job he has.. i hope he's happy. he is going on leave, but he was going to come back early just to do postop follow up for me.. who am i to make him do that?

imagine, years and years of mostly nothing but removal of third molars and other sorts of teeth. he is skilled in what he does, and is very smart, but he is in a branch of healthcare that other doctors shun (after all, most dentistry students here are rejects from med fac). i really hope he is happy. i shall pray for him. i'm grateful for him.. yet i forgot to thank him after the operation.

God bless you, Prof.

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