the time it takes for hair to grow long

November 07, 2003 friday - 21:08

when you left, my hair was ear-length. your photos showed you laughing in the summer grass, in shirt and shorts. your mum and your dad. and us at the airport. the buildings in your school deserted, and i with my new books, unwrapped but unread. you just setting up in your room.

now, my hair kisses the tops of my shoulders. and the pictures are of you in the cold, with your jacket on. your new friends, names one by one who are all strangers to me. the buildings peopled with smiles, with parties, with food, and i with my books, studying for exams.

the warmth is faded, now is autumn, now is the snow. and i miss you so, you are so happy, so loved, so blessed. and here with the walls and the heat and the facades, i wait for the day you will never come back. no-one makes me smile like you do. i miss you so.

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