Deal of the year

February 03, 2014 Monday - 22:39

Friends may care, but in the end they can't live your life for you. And they have no obligation to take care of you.

Some roads you just have to walk alone.

That somehow makes me feel better, because at least a road is a journey is a path that leads somewhere. Instead of a cliff or a dead end. Cos right now, it feels like a dead end, with no way out. And I feel - like I will never be full, never be filled, never belong.

I know I am not alone. But somehow, it is hard to sense You here. In this place where I cannot see and cannot breathe, where I choke on the darkness, where I cannot find an escape.

So I just plod on, somehow, hoping there is a light out there. But how do you keep going when hope is gone? When you are tired and all you want is for everything to just - end?

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