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December 17, 2002 Tuesday - 11:55

Listening to Gackt's December Love Song (12ŚŽ‚Ělove song). i downloaded it on christmas day last year! hehe. it is such a christmas-y, winter-y song.. i promised myself not to listen to it at all except during the christmas period. and it was tough cos it is such a nice song! anyway, i am listening to it now. and of course i am getting all these peace-on-earth vibes.

now the world is nicer, and filled with gold and velvet trimmings, and smelling of snow, and everyone is smiling.

stanford is mailing their decision letters on the 18th (singapore time), and results will be available by phone at the same time. but i am NOT going to call. i am NOT. NO. never mind that i will only know... like... in 1 and a half (at least) weeks time. plus there's so much christmas mail going around right now. i WON'T call.

argh. i do so really awfully want to get in. i want to get in. so many people i know have gotten into brown, dartmouth, penn, harvard... but others have gotten deny/defer from penn, yale, harvard etc etc.. which one will i be? *bites fingernails*

(you know what, i have 1126 mp3s in my computer.)

in the meanwhile, merry christmas! love someone today.

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