August 31, 2001 Friday - 11:35

i don't want to eat

i don't want to eat

i don't want to eat

the idea of food repulses me

the thought of eating disgusts me

but, dammit, i'm hungry!! argh

i don't want to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe if i told myself that enough i would believe it.

if i were thinner
i would be prettier
i would be happier
i would be more attractive

then maybe he would like me.

no, that's rubbish.

i focus on the pain / the only thing that's real

i would be more beautiful

i want a perfect body / i want a perfect soul / i want you to notice / when i'm not around

i am so so so bored and i'm so tempted to eat. maybe i should go out. but i would be even more tempted.

bored bored bored bored!!!!!!!!


can' take it

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i must lose weight!!

can't take it

try to sleep.

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