someone i love

October 21, 2007 sunday - 00:05

we've grown up together. we've lost money at mj to each other. we've moaned about assignments and exams and work and bosses together. we've dreamed about foreign places and lost friends and the lovely feeling of being alone in the cold.

we've traveled together, thrown parties together, made picnics together, found all the best places in singapore to eat in together. we've been ghetto with bottles of mineral water and sprite at macdonalds. we've gotten drunk and laughed and danced like stars through the night together.

we've fallen in and out of love together. we've been there for each other when we sat outside clubs sobbing. we've fought, made up, betrayed each other, and forgiven each other again. we've told each other not to be stupid, and then refrained from saying 'i told you so' when the inevitable happened, and comforted each other. we've held each other and dried each other's tears.

we've relied on each other, and grown strong together. we've struggled and suffered and come through it all, and the future before us is more beautiful than anything we ever imagined we would build.

one day, this is what i am going to say.

but for now, all i can do is try my best not to cry.

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