October 20, 2007 saturday - 16:32

you don't even know her

and i have no respect for you in doing this
and that you failed.. im sorry but you are such a loser
a sleazebag
and a fucking asshole.

yet i am looking at her and i cant help but cry.
do you think she's hotter than me...? you do, don't you?

i'm sure you were ready to say 'always be prepared'.
i'm sure you played her songs in your car too.
i'm sure you thought she would be like me.
i'm sure you bought her drinks because that's what we used to do.
i'm sure you tried to kiss her at the traffic light.
i'm sure you were thinking of me.

but not every one is like me.

i hope you never succeed. i hope she's turned off by how strongly you came onto her. i hope she realises what a fucker you are.

one day you are gonna get what you deserve.
one day i am gonna get what i deserve. and on that day i will be crying. tears of joy. and pity for you.

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