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November 23, 2002 Saturday - 15:59

the exams are winding down. 2 more papers next week and then 1 the week after.

and then there's the prom, and the next day a scholarship interview (which i have to write essays for), and then the SATs on the 7th. then to finish up the [name of us university here] app, and there's a [name of uk university here] written test on the 16th. yuck.

at first (i am talking about the A levels ok.) i was dreading them. but they weren't so bad. common tests are crazy cos everything is crammed into one and a half weeks, more or less. but the As are spread out over a whole month. so there are less late nights, and the late nights are not so late. during the prelims i think i pulled 5 or 6 all-nighters. but this time i was in bed by 4, latest. i feel like i studied less.

anyway, they're gonna be over soon. didn't really feel like i was into it (cos of the less intense mugging) so i don't really feel so wonderfully free about them being over. maybe cos i'm not free. i hate writing personal essays more than i hate doing exam essays.

the last few papers are just such a drag. i just want for them to be over.

i hope hope hope i do well.

i am getting more and more uni offers. but none of them i am interested in. don't know why i applied, but then, the applications aren't the USA type. the ucas form is delightfully easy, one essay for 6 unis, and the australian ones are even easier, no essays at all.

the ones i want, well, i am not going to get.

yeah and like anyone is interested in reading about all this.

i just want it to be over. not cos i'm scared of the last three papers.. but just cos they bore me so incredibly much. *sigh*

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