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August 23, 2001, Thursday - 17:09

still i wonder why i feel for you.

i never meant to let anyone affect me the way you have done. then why? i thought i could control the way i felt. but now, i don't want to control the way i feel.

maybe i like you because i just want the experience. the intensity of feeling i would never otherwise get. maybe i just needed some sort of motivation, something to fill my thoughts.

maybe i don't like you for you, but for me. just for the sake of liking somebody.

is that why i welcome the pain? why i look forward to the brief moments when we pass in the hallways? why every day seems incomplete unless i see you, and why every day is perfect if i even talk to you for the merest of seconds?

this puppy love, why do i feel it?

do you have the answers?

really really really really wanna lose weight.

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