looking down the road you should be taking

November 17, 2001 Saturday - 00:16

knowing there's so much more to say
suddenly the moment's gone
and all your dreams are upside down
and you just wanna change the way the world goes round
have you ever felt your heart was breaking
looking down the road you should be taking
can't help but think that this is wrong
we should be together
i really wanna hear you say that you know just how it feels
to have it all and let it slip away
can't you see
and though the moments go
i'm still holding on somehow

- s club 7, 'have you ever'

my walls are closing in
i feel the claim
controlling me
and I cant find myself or my way out

- kenna, 'hell bent'

if she deserved you, if she had you... why not me?? i don't know how i am less worthy than her. it seems ridiculous almost. how is it that to you she (once) was a better person than i am now?

i'm so envious of how she had so much of your life, how she still has that hold over you though you say she doesn't... i don't know what you think anymore, and i don't think i ever did.. i guess it is true. i know i wished for it not to be.. but i am selfish, egocentric, attention-seeking, proud, stuck-up, etc, etc... is that why i lost you?

i don't deserve you. i don't deserve you.

but you know what?

you don't deserve me.

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