i am so boring

May 01, 2004 saturday - 23:44

yet another self-centered whiny entry:

for all that i have wanted myself to be a certain way, i have become exactly opposite of all that.

this blog is becoming boring. pathetic as it is to say it, i think it was more interesting when i had a story to tell. when i had this or that problem or unrequited love or some sort of journey.
but now i am so... settled. i have school. i am okay with my course. it suits me fine, though it doesn't excite me or stimulate me intellectually. my spiritual walk is fine too. i have grown so much closer to God and i am learning to love Him. the problems i encounter i merely vaguely describe. but when i return to read it i can't even remember what i was writing about.

i know nothing now. i am nothing now.

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