no ordinary morning

September 21, 2001 Friday - 00:23

i don't feel any pain
a little fall of rain
can hardly hurt me now
and rain will make the flowers grow
the rain can't hurt me now
and you will keep me safe
and you will keep me close
i'll sleep in your embrace at last
and rain
will make the flowers...

- les misÚrables, 'a little fall of rain'

you make the sound of laughter
and sharpened nails seem softer
and i need you now somehow
in my head the flesh seems thicker
and you're my obsession
i love you to the bones

- silverchair, 'ana's song (open fire)'

do you hunger for this
sucking leeches feel the need
sucking dry unsaited stomach pops
sharpened knives with flying sparks
sagging bodies with stretch marks
and your belly aches

do you hunger for this
bled white with avarice
as the rust creeps corrosion seeps a rotting seed
eat me -- feed me
with your belching foul breath
your destructive kiss death

- siouxie and the banshees, 'we hunger'

nor was i hungry--so i found
that hunger--was a way
of persons outside windows--
the entering--takes away--

- emily dickinson, 'hunger'

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