this is how you become shy

January 23, 2003 thursday - 19:15

when something happens alot, you get used to it.

to the people who do not feel, emotions are wonderful things. that is why people are sentimental.

to the people who feel too much, where every day is a painting of lights and darks, emotions have no value.

you allow other people to take advantage of you, and you think believe know that it doesn't matter how badly you're treated, because the anger and frustration you feel as a result doesn't mean anything to you.

you let people hurt you, you don't mind, you take it into yourself.


around you is darkness, because you cover your eyes. you are safe, you are protected. there is no need to worry. the cold is now warmth. you can know only of love and of compassion, because it is this in which you reside. you are safe. forever. you trust. you know everything is alright, and everything will be alright. you feel - not happiness - peace. you can forget, and heal, and rest. there is no more conflict or fear. and in this softness you know there is nothing to be afraid of.

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