it's so difficult

October 22, 2007 monday - 04:48

it's hard to see a dream come true when that dream is a nightmare.
it's hard to laugh and smile while i'm dying inside.
it's hard to be strong in front of you when you are the one who makes me weak.
it's hard to treat you like i always have, knowing there's another girl in the picture.
it's hard to see you laugh with me, knowing you are laughing that way with someone else.
it's hard to be friendly with you while i'm on the verge of tears.

actually it's not hard at all. i love it when we are friendly. if only we were friendly all the time.

but i must prove to you that i just want to be friends. because even if my heart is screaming something else, this is what my mind tells me is the only thing we could be.

no matter how hard it is.

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